i cant even lie i am hurting so much right now im so use to picking up the phone just to txt him or call him just to hear his voice…i hate that he hurt me so bad i love him and do want to be with him but i just cant right now….im sorry for my rant im just hurting right now…i just want him to answer my last txt……


So after me having a lot of time to think I have decided to walk away from my 2yr long relationship and spend some time on me I don’t know if this is the best decision,but right now it’s the best one for me.like I said before I love him with every beat of my heart but I need someone who’s going to love me just as much.i believe what is ment to be will be so if we find our selfs back together then it is what it is until then I have a lot of work to do on me…..who know in awhile maybe he’s not even the one I wanted anyways…so for now I’m just a work in progress….

This is my first post so plz bare with me…..I been with the guy for 2yrs,these last 6months or so have been kinda rocky.so I had been feeling a little unsure about our relationship so on July 3 he had been drinking I was outta town and I get a call and I can hear in his voice that he really needs to talk so after a little while of talking he tells me he went over to his ex’s to talk about whatever and he started drinking and he had sex with her …I felt my heart drop in the pit of my stomach …he says that’s not all baby she’s a few months pregnant!! OMG what did I do to be treated like this?all I ever did was love him..he says baby I can’t loose you it was a accident ….REALLYdamn did you go there?so this weekend I ask him what’s going on with the baby situation.she has decided to not keep the baby I breath a si of relief but deep down I don’t know if I could ever trust him…..I love him to pieces but this girl has to learn to stand on her own two feet once again…my question is would I be foolish to want to stay ?